Welcome to our website!

We are a small translation agency (member of the BDUE, the German association of translators and interpreters) in Arnsberg, Germany. We're exclusively working from English and French into German. Reducing our offer to just these two language combinations gave us the opportunity to develop an extensive know how in a lot of fields of competency, but the translation of technical related documents (user manuals, online help, product brochures, web sites), engineering related texts (maintenance manuals, on board manuals, brochures etc.) and financial related documents (fund prospectuses, company profiles, annual reports etc.) has a long tradition in our agency, founded in 1997.

For several years we translate for Schneider Electric, Sagem, Siemens, Sony, Philips, Nortel Networks etc. from EN/FR into GER. We also translate hard- and software as well as financial related documents as a subcontractor for other renowned translation agencies.

We work with Word 2002/2000, Office XP, Frame Maker, Transit, Trados, Deja Vu and Wordfast. We have dedicated lines to e-mail/internet, so we can work online in a networked environment without extra charge.

Our basic price is 0,08 Euros per word source text for translations from EN/FR into GE but this is only a reference price and we will negotiate fixed prices after checking the source text. The process of invoicing word/source text has the advantage of complete cost control and transparency for both, agency and translator.

ATTENTION: This fee includes proofreading of the translation by a qualified translator!!!

We have a daily output of approximately 4000 new words.
We offer graduated prices for Trados/Transit/Deja Vu/Wordfast translations and we will accept the usual grid.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.